L.T. Sue CO. cuisine

We simply use the freshest and finest ingredients available in all of our culinary delights. In addition to our fixed tariff described below, we offer a menu which changes daily.

Our daily comestibles are updated on our Facebook page. Click below to see today’s offerings. 



Our own Hanford Hummus topped with preserved lemon and served with our handcrafted “green goop” along side house toasted pita chips and veggies.


A variety of various cheeses, fruit, and olives along with mixed nuts & golden raisins. Served with crackers and artisinal bread.

KEY-SHH - $6.50

Our savory and delectable quiche baked with a shredded potato crust. Ask about today’s selection.


$12.95 Standard $9.95 Petite

Mary’s free range non GMO seasoned pulled chicken breast atop a mixture of shredded lettuce, cabbage, edamame, scallions, cucumber, and carrots.  Topped with crispy rice noodles, toasted almonds, tangerine, and a lychee.  Our signature Imperial Dynasty Dressing is served on the side.


Your choice of one of the following:

Flavorful spiced chicken;

Tasty spiced pulled pork;

Tea simmered shrimp;

Fresh poached egg;

Marinated and baked tofu;

Seasonal mixed veggies.  

Served with mayo on a freshly baked bun and topped with Asian slaw and pickled peppers. Our proprietary sweet & spicy chili sauce is served on the side along with a cup of fresh fruit.

jook - $4.00  

Our traditional and savory Chinese rice porridge. Served with sides of crunchy rice noodles, sriracha, and roasted garlic.     

Select various additions from the following:

Vegetables - $1.00 
Tofu - $1.00
Poached Egg - $1.00
Pork - $1.50
Chicken - $1.50   
Shrimp - $4.00
Chinese Sausage - $1.50