Award Winning San Joaquin Valley Tea


A beautiful tea with a big flavor, the Fig Garden honors those ambitious souls. Built for restorative breaks sipped from battered tin teacups, this full-bodied tea is a dynamic blend of premium black tea mingled with black mission figs and flowers.

In the north of Fresno, there’s a little spot, about a mile and half square, where gritty, determined homesteaders carved out their futures with blood, sweat, and entrepreneurial zeal.

Originally “outlaw land,” deemed unsuitable for cultivation, this historic neighborhood has been home to half a million fig trees, miles of canal, and thousands of hard-working families.


Perfect for sharing with friends on a hot day, the Garden of the Sun is a light, refreshing tea that captures the taste of the sun with its thoughtful blend of citrusy green tea, marigold flowers, and plump golden raisins.

A recent journey through the sunny San Joaquin Valley sparked a spirited conversation about the taste of sunshine. Its cozy heat and golden rays are familiar companions, but how does one describe the flavor of the sun?

After much delightful discourse, all agreed that it’s hard to define, but easy to recognize–a distinctive brightness and warmth that enriches the natural flavors of crops grown under its steadfast gaze.



Before you hit the road, don’t forget to fill your thermos with the Blossom Trail tea, a fragrant and flirty concoction with a peach and apricot base, nutty almonds, and floral notes.

There is nothing more quintessentially American than the classic road trip–an adventure where the destination matters little. It is a timeless tradition. One of cruising along historic highways, driving past aging diners and rugged landscapes only partially wrestled into submission.

In early spring, the Blossom Trail through Fresno County offers an especially gorgeous road trip route filled with the luscious colors of peaches, plums, apples, and almonds in bloom and the heady perfume of orange blossoms wafting through the air.


Delicate and balanced, with a refreshing warmth, the Westside pays homage to the adaptable and determined among us with a unifying blend of premium white tea, toasted pistachios, and sweet blueberries.

On the western end of Fresno County sits a small, unincorporated village with a geographically appropriate name and a tendency to persevere through difficult times.

Faced with persistent drought and dwindling water resources, Westside farmers responded with thoughtful water stewardship initiatives, strategic use of technology, and careful plant selection.

The dry, hot climate favors hearty crops, like the blueberry and the pistachio. Much like the residents of Westside, these resilient plants thrive where others would fail.

  • $5.00 per oz. loose leaf